McAlester Medical Directory 2018 - Page 16

KI BOIS COMMUNITY ACTION FOUNDATION, INC. PROFESSIONAL SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS OF McALESTER, PLLC Some of our programs include… • • • • • • • H OUSING D EVELOPMENTAL D ISABILITIES KI BOIS C OMMUNITY C ARE C HILD AND A DULT C ARE F OOD P ROGRAM R ETIRED S ENIORS V OLUNTEER P ROGRAM F OSTER G RANDPARENT P ROGRAM W OMEN ’ S S HELTER • • • • • • • KATS (T RANSPORTATION ) R X FOR O KLAHOMA (P RESCRIPTION A SSISTANCE ) V OLUNTEER I NCOME T AX A SSISTANCE S MART S TART K IAMICHI C OUNTRY T HE O AKS H EAD S TART S UPPORTIVE S ERVICES FOR V ETERAN F AMILIES 609 E. P EORIA A VENUE M C A LESTER , OK R. C ARROLL H UGGINS CCAP E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR - CEO 918-423-3525 Celebrating 50 Years of Service! D. Shane Ragan D.D.S Hunter Chowins D.M.D. Wendy Ragan R.D.H Misty Holmes R.D.H Mark Johnson R.D.H. 500 E. Cherokee Ave McAlester, OK 74501 918-426-9900 Ashley Monks Kristen Jennings Lauren White M.S. CCC-SLP M.S. CCC-SLP M.S. CCC-SLP 1415 Wade Watts Ave. P.O. Box 651 McAlester, OK 74502 918.426.2300 Are You Abused? Does the Person You Love… (918) 423-0032 McAlester C.A.R.E. Center ALL calls are confidential Domestic Violence Shelter • Implants • Dentures • Partials • Periodontal Disease • Crowns and Bridges • Orthodontics