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Anna Pearson

Anna Has Clients From All Over The World, From South America, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand To Here In Europe. Once Clients Have Visited Her Not Only Do They Refer Other People To Her But Come Back Again For Their Six Monthly Reading.

Anna Offers Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot and Angel cards readings. Readings at the show can be prebooked with Spirit Divine.

Anna Believes That Everyone Has A Guardian Angel And A Spirit Guide With Them At All Times. Her Spirit Guide Is Indian And Helps Her Tune Into Spirits When They Are There To Talk. Anna Cannot Guarantee To Bring Down Spirit At Every Reading. But When She Does It Is Amazing As To Just How Much Totally Private Information She Can Give To Even The Most Ardent Of Sceptics. Anna Welcomes Sceptics To Her Readings, Because More Often Than Not They Leave As Believers Rather Than Sceptics At The End Of Their Reading..

Since Childhood Anna Knew That She Had A Special Gift. People Would Say That She Had A Vivid Imagination But She Knew That She Was Different From Her Friends.

She Was Intuitive And Perceptive To Other Peoples Thoughts And Feelings And Could Tell Them Things About Themselves And Their Future That Would Later Be Proved Correct. It Started As A Game But Later On In Her Teens, It Was Recognised That She Was Indeed Psychic And Had A Special Gift of Foreseeing The Future.

07758770198 annacostamedium@hotmail.com

“Anna Pearson is without doubt the most amazing person that I have ever met. Her psychic skills are on a level very rarely attained. An absolutely unforgettable experience.”

STEVE CLINE, Entertainment Manager RT.V.