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As I said on my page here is the article about Access Bars® the 1st Core Class in Access Consciousness. I “teach” this class and this is part of a testimonial from Zoe.

“Access has changed my life it has opened doors that were previously closed. Chrissie has got me working with energy on a massive scale. I can now share this gift with other people. She has given me the opportunity of a better life for me as well as changing the lives of others where I live too. There is no greater feeling than this and it’s all down to this one lady one of the world’s magnificent miracles. I am truly blessed to know this lady and to have the honour of working with her. Yesterday was just complete and utter joy. Today the person I was yesterday is no more.”

Chrissie Moores

By Janice Jackson

Really?? Absolutely! Why not? We can do it to our computers, why not our brain?

Our brains have been compared to computers, right? But what would it take? What would that look like exactly? Would it hurt? Is there a magic “button” somewhere on my head that I can push?

Well sort of. Actually there are 32 such places on the head and they are called “Bars” – energy Bars that is, and when they are lightly touched, they release electromagnetic energy. This is where the defrag takes place.

“OK, I’ll take some of that” you say. Great! Here’s how it works. About 25 years ago a guy named Gary Douglas came up with these energy Bars that run through the head. Each Bar pertains to some aspect of our life that we deal with every day: joy, sadness, money, control, creativity, creating connections, peace, gratitude, and more.

He found out that when we touch each of these Bars, the particular aspect of that Bar gets defragged. By defragged, I mean that old habits and patterns surrounding that Bar are released. Poof! Gone!

How cool is that? So some of the things we learned from our parents, grandma and grandpa, teachers, TV, books, etc. that are stored in our brain (a lot of which is subconscious) and which inhibit us from performing at our optimum potential, or being the person we want to be, can be released.

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Defrag Your Brain To Reach Your Optimium Potential