MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 36

Transformed by light

At Transformed by Light we offer loving and dynamic prayer based spiritual encounters.

Dream Interpretation

Individual dreams interpreted - Seminar with Tony Cooke at 2.30pm

Healing for Mind Body and Spirit

Prayer for healing for any physical or emotional need

Destiny Matters

Looking at new directions, life choices

Spiritual Cleansing

Release from negative patterns, clear the clutter and move forward

Pure Light Infusion

Receive the light of Christ

Relationship Detox

Disentangle from toxic relationships

Tattoo Readings

Symbols and meaning within tattoos

Jesus Deck

The Jesus deck explores a person’s unique spiritual journey. The deck is shuffled and five cards are drawn. Together we explore what the images and text on the cards means. As a Spirit led technique, the insights gained are often powerful and surprising.