MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 34


During the mid 1990’s I was compelled to acknowledge a part of me that I had ignored all of my life. That part was my Spirit. I had drifted aimlessly through life from one upset to the next with no sense of direction or purpose. I had endured bouts of depression and flashes of anger that seemed disproportionate to whatever had triggered them. My Spirit made sure that I acknowledged that part of myself as I began to gently heal myself of the inner wounds I had carried for a long time. Now was the time to heal them, let go and move on.

Synchronicity introduced itself into my life in a way I had never experienced before. I began to experience new ways of thinking, being and developing a new perspective that acknowledged the Spiritual aspect of me. I began to read as many books as I could about Spirituality. I discovered after a while that I no longer wanted to read about other people’s Spiritual experiences. I wanted to have my own experiences. My Spirit had already begun to exert a harmonious influence upon me. I was guided to visit a local new age shop and found myself drawn to collect tumble stones and crystals that seemed to call me. Placing them intuitively on my body whilst listening to Spiritual music I was able to gently rebalance myself.

By now I had experienced Spiritual healing and, being part of a Spiritual development group where I met other like-minded people who were responding to their own inner call, I overheared some of them talking about the Native Americans and this seemed to resonate deeply within me and unlocked ‘something’ which gathered a momentum all of its own. Within a few months I was on a plane heading for the Midwest armed with a basic understanding of the history of the so called Indian wars and of the broken treaties and an itinerary of places to be visited. My journey to the Midwest was so much like life, full of just being, joy, happiness, sadness, tears, grief, peace, anger, despair and tranquillity, all of which I took in my stride. Occurrences of Spiritual experiences of all kinds were very frequent, including past life flashbacks of a Native American theme. It took several years to fully ‘translate’ and understand the golden nuggets of wisdom contained in these experiences. However one thing was obvious even then. Going to this part of the world had stimulated and stirred in me at a deep cellular level, connections to my own Spiritual Ancestors who also wanted to be acknowledged, with some needing my help.

Upon my return from America I went to my first Shamanics workshop which I knew nothing about at that time but upon arrival I immediately felt I had come home. Over the next few years I learnt many Shamanic techniques which I applied to improve my daily life. I gradually began to evolve my own workings mainly out in nature which I had come to know as a supportive ally in my Spiritual evolution. What struck me about Shamanics, which is essentially Shamanism adapted for modern times, is its down to earth practicality and that the onus is on the individual to accept responsibility for his/her own choices and the consequences of those choices.