MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 32

Everything-is-Energy Therapies

I’m Chrissie Moores, a holistic therapist who works with the energy systems of your body to improve your health and well-being in Body Mind and Spirit. Working intuitively and being an empath allows me to sense what you and your body need to remove the energy blocks which stifle your life and I tailor the treatment accordingly. No two treatments are the same, people with similar problems respond differently.

I use different styles of healing but I use the dynamic Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes plus the Verbal Processing as my first port of call. In my opinion it is the ROLLS ROYCE of Alternative and Holistic Therapies. I’ve trained in others Reiki, EFT and more but Access for me has the oomph to get to places that the others don’t reach.

My treatments range from a "Taster" which I do at Shows and Events, at Pamper Parties or as a stand-alone session. A "Pick-me-Up" which is aimed at Lunch Hour Sessions and the "Full Monty" which is an unhurried leisurely experience,

I also do Skype, Phone, FaceTime and other talk types or Face-to-Face Verbal Processing Sessions. I call them empowering moments. I don't have to know the problem intimately or even what it is the energy can be moved.