MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 28

Dreams have been responsible for major creative and scientific discoveries in the course of human history including new mathematical concepts, the periodic table, the structure of benzene and aromatic chemistry. The needle for the sewing machine invented by Elias Howe in 1845 was seen in a dream! Highly successful creative ideas have originated in dreams making thousands of pounds for the respective artists. In 1965, Paul McCartney composed the entire melody for the hit song Yesterday in a dream. John Lennon claimed the lyrics for his Number Nine Dream were received while he was asleep.

Understanding our dreams helps us to better navigate our spiritual path and fulfil our life purpose. It is not just the great Biblical heroes of the past or famous people who receive divine revelation …we can all be guided by God.

If the Divine is speaking to us through our dreams we need to correctly interpret the important messages hidden within dreams.

Making Sense of Your Dreams

Dreams are universal! Everybody dreams, some remember their dreams, others do not. There are a host of different approaches to dream interpretation but who is right, who should we listen to?

Some dreams appear to reflect our fears, anxieties, and seem to be little more than a daily processing of events. They can be recurring, sometimes uplifting or at times tormenting. There are memorable dreams that have huge impact, and we know we have experienced a significant life dream.