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People to me are so important, whether they are in the spirit world or walking the earth plain. They can be very fragile and vulnerable and, as a light worker, I try my best to help in some .

I know from my own life experiences that life is not always that easy; there are times when we feel like hiding and giving up on everything. This is when I use my channel and allow the beautiful and glorious beings from the spirit world to help me.

The one thing that we can all take from spirit is how valuable life is and how precious our time here is. It is important to learn how to really enjoy and embrace our time.

I believe our life mission here is to heal and evolve - Unique Soul Healing can bring you back to your true self and your sole purpose of your life - over a period of five months we will work together to achieve an understanding.


Hello, I have been working with healing and mediumship for twenty years as a professional. I have been privileged to work with many people and have travelled all over the country to see those seeking love and truth.

Join Janet and Corrina from 3pm - 5pm at their Show

An Evening With Spirit

Tickets £10 in advance or £15 on the door