MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 26

Unique Soul Healing are a family run spiritual partnership that aims to bring awareness, enlightenment and healing to help people make life changes. Janet and Corrina, Mother and Daughter, bring their unique gifts together to offer a combination of spiritual teachings, upliftment and fulfilment in a variety of different ways.


Tarot and Angel Rard Readings, Mediumship, Trance Medium

Teaching, Development


My journey started many years ago in my childhood with gratitude I received my first messages from the spirit world, I felt the veil had been lifted and I became aware of the love of God within my heart from that moment I knew a journey had started of self-discovery and finding out my life purpose, it was like I was being called to do something that I had yet to find out

My journey has taken me in many directions and this included an invitation to appear on Psychic TV which was an exciting time, throughout the years I have gained experience working with my guides and Angels that has led to Corrina my daughter and myself to open up a centre named UNIQUE HEALING CENTRE , Corrina has develop a healing course that has been given to her over many years working with her guide Merlin and the Ascendant Master St Germain , hence the name of the centre I now feel that I have been blessed from the spirit world and found my life purpose in Mediumship and Teaching , I would love to pass on the experience I have and help others on their journey. With love and light