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During this time, I had a range of tests to find out what was wrong and I was given all sorts of different treatments to ease my pain, and nothing seemed to work. I was sent to the Chronic Pain Clinic where I was given both conventional and complementary therapy to try to get me better. Nothing really worked….

Having been told that I would only have 70% of my function for life, I was distraught by the news. Now at this point, I could have gone two way

a) Sink into a depression of ‘Why me..’

b) Do something about to change the situation

I chose the second route and decided to do something to help myself. Now, I am not saying that I haven’t had some depressive episodes along the way, but I am proud to say that I now have at least 95% of my function. Insightful Minds is all about inspiring others to change how they feel about their health and to think differently to get themselves better again. I teach my clients how to become more self aware of how they are feeling and behaving. Sometimes what we are doing is unconscious and it can be more difficult to change this behaviour without some assistance, which is where I help clients with the skills that I have learnt as a coach.

In 1999, I managed to get off benefit and start my teaching career. So why the Money Healers Healer…. having recovered my health, I became a very successful teacher trainer, but when I stepped full time into business full time, a combination of devastating personal issues and poor management of my money within my business, lead me into significant debt and depression. I’ve now recovered my health once more, by applying spiritual practices and self development around my health and my wealth! No anti depressants in sight and I am happier than ever!! I now inspire other business owners to manage their money mindset in a different way so that they don’t suffer the stress and anxiety that I did.

Liz Almond - Insightful Minds

I started working in the Hospitality Industry in 1998 fter achieving a BSc Honours degree in Hospitality Management. I absolutely loved working in customer service roles within Hotels and Restaurants as I am a real people person. My final role was as a Catering Manager at Heathrow Airport in 1996 and this is where my life took a spectacular twist….. One Christmas Eve, I had an accident at work. What seemingly on the surface appeared to be a minor accident, actually lead me to developing Chronic Pain Syndrome and having two years off work.