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Also the training of Reiki Level 1 teaches you how to meditate and to bring ‘the light’ in. For those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or feel more gloomy in the winter, it is a must. Meditating also has hidden benefits such as pain management, weight loss and peace of mind. I also teach all my clients to do Emotional Freedom Technique as this works on both energy and mindset and is a truly amazing self help technique to help with anxiety and depression.

I would just like to say that it is normal to have ups and downs in life. It is all a part of the process of learning how to be successful in business, and if you are finding it difficult to get yourself motivated properly, or you feel out of control or anxious about getting in enough money to pay the bills, it is probably time to invest in yourself more. By spending 10% of your income on yourself, you are valuing yourself and are energising yourself to be healthier. Often when you are trying to control things, you are being distrustful about something in your life. Holistically, anxiety is not trusting the process of life. Trusting the Universe is key to your success.

Do you need some additional help….

So if you are struggling with depression, please do get in touch. I’m happy to help and I offer a money back guarantee, provided you apply all the techniques I teach you. If you don’t feel you can invest in 1-1 coaching/therapy, then the courses I offer – Are you worth it?, Charge More Work Less, NLP for Business, Mindfulness Meditation and Reiki training would be a cost effective way for you to gain help to get yourself feeling ‘good enough’ and energised for your success. Whilst my courses are aimed at business owners they are suitable for all. If you are new in business, and you are lacking confidence and you would like to be mentored to achieve success then I offer this service too. More information about training dates is available at www.insightfulminds.co.uk. My book ‘Are you worth it? – A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset’ will be out before Christmas

Liz Almond

The Healers Healer