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change something or a situation. There is also anger as you can feel suppressed. The two main emotions I work on with clients with depression and chronic ill health, are Anger and Hopelessness. Other emotions also need to be cleared but it depends on the life experiences of the client as to what is needed. Often there is a lack of vision about where they are going in life and this has to be resolved as well. Self sabotage is very common too!! As I am a therapist and coach, we can step out of therapy when you are ready and I can coach you in the direction you would like to go.

Having suffered myself from chronic ill health conditions such as a heart complaint, depression, asthma, high blood pressure and chronic pain syndrome, as well as having multiple bereavements including redundancy, my Mum & Sister in Law dying and my husband leaving me since I started my business in 2010, I think I can definitely say I understand depression and anxiety very well and how to overcome it naturally. I no longer have the health conditions as I have fixed them by changing my mindset and healing the past. The fact that I am still living and breathing is a miracle. Life has not been easy but the good news is you can heal yourself if you wish.

The last few years has been an eye opener and not particularly pleasant if I am being totally honest but I am proud that I have coped without having anti depressants. I have learnt massively though about myself in this time and always pass on my words of wisdom when I meet a new client. Reiki healing has massively helped me in this time and I would encourage any depressed person to get empowered to Reiki. Reiki helps you with your spiritual and personal development and you don’t have to continue to become a Practitioner if you don’t want to. When you go up the levels of Reiki, you gain more wisdom about yourself and to pass on to others. In conjunction to Reiki, as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, I have also learnt about how I have been badly ‘programmed’ to deal with life and I have been changing my thought processes and behaviour since 2010.

Liz Almond

The Healer’s Healer

Health and Wellbeing Coach/Mentor/Therapist

Insightful Minds

For example, a client may have a history of ‘not speaking up or saying what they really want’ in all different scenarios e.g. in meetings, with their significant others, with clients etc. They may feel anxious about saying what they really mean, in case they offend the other person. I have to reduce the negative emotion of anxiety and then help them see how to change their behaviour, so that they get better results. When you are not saying what you really mean all the time, you can lose hope that you can change