MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 20

Is depression getting you down?

Life has lots of ups and downs doesn’t? Your depression might be related to your finances and lack of money or to things which are going on at home such as a bereavement, a chronic ill health issue or a relationship breaking down. You may be worrying about someone else and this just seems to be such a burden. With all the negative things advertised in the press and on Facebook, life just feels so gloomy. So many people seem to be on anti depressants now as it is the norm. They seem to be given very little support or therapy to deal with the issues affecting them though or if they do, they may have 6 sessions of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which barely scratches the surface. Mental health has been ignored for so long in the UK, that it is no wonder that we are all floundering. According to the World Health Organisation, depression will be the 2nd biggest disability in the world by 2020, so you are not alone if you are suffering. The good news though is you can resolve depression by using a combination of Medicine, Mindset and Energy. Are you getting enough support to sort this problem out for good and to get off those tablets?

So what works?......

With all my clients who have depression or chronic ill health, I analyse their past history (including health issues), and spend time with them clearing negative emotions so that they initially feel better. They need to feel better before I start working with them to change their behaviour, otherwise they won’t change it because it feels so hard to make the change otherwise!! I use a combination approach of using 9 different therapies to get the best results.