MBS Spiritual and Wellbeing Show vol1 - Page 16

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Your Life Soul Coach

At all stages of my life, I have found myself mentoring and helping people. From encouraging staff through training and promotion in their careers, to grandchildren just graduating from university into their chosen career path.

So I decided to put all of the skills I had to a different use and retrained as a Life Coach. I trained with the renowned Curly Martin, one of the worlds leading Life Coaches (Achievement Specialist Ltd).

I use a holistic approach to Life Coaching, working with my

clients on all aspects of their lives and I believe that everyone can be fulfilled and live the life they want. I have a relaxed style which enables people at feel at ease. The coaching is all about you and you set the agenda.

Soul Plan Readings

Soul plan reading is a powerful and accurate system

of life purpose guidance and healing. Your birth name

has hidden within it the secret of your life's blueprint

and the journey your soul agreed and intended before

you were born. By looking at the vibration of the name

you were given at birth and using this your soul plan will reveal the challenges you are presented with, the talents both worldly and spiritually you have to achieve your goals, giving insight into your spiritual destiny and fulfill your life purpose.



Marion you rock!!

Thanks so much for my soul plan reading today, it was so informative. You had my personality to a T, my challenges were spot on and you confirmed that i am on the right path personally and with my work. My reading was a great confirmation for me and also showed me what areas i need to work on to get to my goals and that what i am doing is fulfilling my life purpose and will be successful. I would recommend everyone to have a soul plan reading to give them guidance and clarity.

You are very kind, gentle and thoughtful when you read and i cannot recommend you highly enough.