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Mayakoba is one of the most exclusive mixed-use touristic developments in the world. It is a unique project and its concept and execution are not accidental. The love of work, integrity, the vocation of leadership, the enhancer spirit and continuous improvement, responsible loyalty to customers, employees, community and shareholders, commitment to quality and respect for the environment have were always present in the Mayakoba labor. The greatest challenge of the Mayakoba development was the existence of mangrove but thanks to the scientific work, the architects could perfectly consolidate a master plan that knew perfectly integrate the touristic amenities in the existing ecosystems and creating a new ecosystem that would benefit greatly; The waterways system. The removal of 80% of the tourist inventory of the dunes and instead maintain a reserve of 60ha of mangrove, earned Mayakoba the recognition of the World Tourism Organization in 2011 for being an Innovative project in world tourism. The Sustainability Management System that has been implemented at Mayakoba for more than 15 years was created to monitor compliance with legal environmental obligations, develop good practices that protect and enrich natural resources and carry out social actions which will help and foment the integration with the local community. Through the nine programs and twenty-four sub- programs that make up the management system, all the activities of the tourist operation are monitored and through quarterly audits under the evaluation standards of the Federal Environmental Prosecutor (PROFEPA) and the Rainforest Alliance Global Sustainability Criteria have been granted access to the certifications of these prestigious institutions since 2013. The Sustainable Development Direction coordinates the environmental and social responsibility managers of the Hotels, Fairmont, Banyan Tree, Rosewood and Andaz, who are supported by a team of biologists to implement the management system and thus achieve compliance goals in current legislation and certifications requirements. We invite you to know the results obtained during 2016 for all our wonderful human resource that day by day work at Mayakoba maintaining our standards of sustainability, social commitment and service of the highest quality, ratifying the commitment of its Developers and Shareholders for our environment and community. Mayakoba Sustentable 2016 | 5