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Don’t have access to a projector? Download free chalkboard print­ ables from Pinterest. Although these print in an 8.5 x 11 format, you can take printables to a commercial copy center such as Staples and ask that they be enlarged to an engineering print size (there are several sizes with the largest being 36 x 48). If you decide to transfer by means of paper, these tips will have you transferring effortlessly in no time. It takes practice, so ask for a few copies of the image and always remember, if you mess it up, erase it and try again! • Rub the entire back of the image with chalk, completely coating the surface. Turn the print over and tape it to your chalkboard wall. Using a dull pencil, trace around the images or text. Remove from the wall and you will have a chalk outline of your design. Fill it in with chalk for the perfect design! • Another method is to tape the image to the wall, slide white artist graphite paper under the image and trace the outside of the image. Once traced, remove the original and the graphite paper and fill in the image with chalk. Paint Yourself Into a Corner – Ideas for the Ultimate Chalkboard We’ve taken the liberty of showing you some clever ideas for paint­ ing chalkboard walls in and around your home that include entry­ way and kitchen sketches, inspirational messages, an artistic state­ ment wall, a practical message center or seasonal fun. Still unsure of how you might use or decorate with a chalkboard wall? View the YouTube video “25 Amazing Chalkboard Wall Paint Ideas” by J.o.h.n Studio for inspiration. Just can’t bring yourself to paint your wall black but still want a chalkboard wall? You can buy chalkboard vinyl wall decals from Etsy, Amazon or Hobby Lobby just to name a few. This is a great alternative to chalkboard paint, and it’s removable and reposition­ able. You can purchase the vinyl in rolls or by special order and have it personalized, create customized wall decals, or even have them printed in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar style. Check and craft stores for ideas and pricing. ◆