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Sizzling Summer Camps Stars and Skye Summer break is almost here. Time to enroll the kiddos in some excit- Stargazing isn’t always easy ing activities to keep their minds stimulated and sharp over the break. We’ve rounded up a few great options around Las Vegas offering everything from STEM to Shakespeare to Circus arts. Be sure to regis- in a town like ours, where the bright lights of the Strip cast an all-encompassing glow on the heavens above, but with the right ter early as they fill up quickly. equipment the desert sky is a dazzling spectacle to behold. On May Discovery Children’s Museum | peek at the stars at Skye Canyon Park (10111 W. Skye Canyon Park). Discovery Children’s Museum offers four weeklong sessions throughout perfect for observing the cosmos, as is the mid-May date when the month of June for kids ages 6-9. Each dynamic camp offers kids a mighty Jupiter with its four Galilean moons and Venus will be ripe for chance to explore a new topic through exciting interactive play and viewing. You won’t have to search the universe with your naked eye; immersive experiences. Activities include creating stories and games LVAS volunteers will be on hand with 10 telescopes and two scientific through coding and computation; exploring design, architecture, video cameras specializing in astrophotography. These knowledge- experimentation and problem solving; drawing, painting, sculpting and able stargazers will operate the equipment and point out cool celes- printmaking; and discovering human anatomy and ecology. tial sightings like galaxies, asteroids, iridium flares and shooting stars. Mad Science | Blankets and picnic dinners are encouraged, but guests can also pur- This year Mad Science is hosting several camps at various locations throughout the valley. Brixology (6.4-8) and Moving with Science (7.16-20) at Springs Preserve invite participants K-5 to learn about 19th, join the Las Vegas Astronomical Society (LVAS) for a close-up With a 180-degree unobstructed view of the night sky, the location is chase nosh from local food trucks or Skye Bistro inside Skye Center. Settle in for an evening under the stars complete with music, lawn games and all ages fun. For more info, visit engineering while building with LEGO®bricks, learn about chemical reactions, and get in touch with the nature of birds and beasts. Music on the Move Additional camps include Eureka! Inventor’s Camp at Merryhill Summerlin (7.9-13) and Mad Science Mix-Up (7.23-27) at Since it was established in 1998, The Las Vegas Philharmonic has Congregation Ner Tamid. become a vital part of the community and a point of pride, not just on the music scene, but in arts and education as a whole. Their mission has Rainbow Company Youth Theatre | The nationally acclaimed, award-winning Rainbow Company Youth Theatre is offering three programs for varying age groups. Summer Youth Acting Conservancy (6.4-15 | ages 8-11) and Summer Teen Acting Conservancy (6.18-29 | ages 13-17) introduce participants to theatre arts through games, improvisation, acting exercising and rehearsal skills, each culminating in a performance at the end of camp. Summer Teen Tech Conservatory (6.18-29 | ages 12-16) gives a behind-the-scenes look at set construction, costume assembly, lighting and more. Circus Camp | always been to perform music that enriches and educates while build- ing a vibrant, culturally rich community. Their enrichment initiatives have touched the lives of youth all over the valley, presenting unparal- leled opportunities for growth and development through musical arts )MѡeɽЁѡȁɽɅͥѼٕ)ͥ́́Ѽɔ1́Y̸ѱ䁹Q5ͥ)Yѡѥѥٔݥɥѽ酉ɽɅ́ЁѼѡ)չ丁Qٕ͔Ʌ䁽ɽɅՑ́ɽͥ)Ёͥ䁑ͥͥյ́ȁչ)ɕ쁥յЁ̰ȁͥͥѥɽɅ)ȁ͍́ȁՑəɵ́ͥ)ѡɅ䁕ɥ́ȁ͕쁅չ䁕ٕ)ɥݹ̰Ʌ锁ѥ́ɽ́ȁݥѡЁٔѡѼ䁑ɕЁյ́)ͽѡѼٔѠѡɽչͽɥѡɽ՝ѡͭݥѠɽ̸ͥͥQمéٽ兝͕́ЁѼ)ЁQɅ锁1́Yϊd ɍ́Mյȁ Q䁽ȁ̴͕ٕ͕єఁɅٕѡɽ՝Ё1́Y̰9Ѡ1́Ý)ͥ́ȁɕ̀شܸQѹ́݅ɐٕ́ȁ!ͽQ́ѡЁٕȁѡɕ啅ȁɥѡe)մɍ̰́Ցɥ̰ͥɄɅ锰յѼɅЁٕѡȸQѥѼѡ͔ȁɸ)䁅Ʌ̰Ʌ̰Ʌ́́ɍ́ɥ̸͕ɔ٥ͥЁܹɜ(5)չ