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Livin ’ Local

All That

Jazz ...

And More !

By J . Tyge O ’ Donnell
Living in the entertainment capital of the world we ’ re by no means lacking when it comes to a thriving music scene . Between all the lounges , piano bars , impersonators and tribute artists , we get our fill of quality music pretty much 24 / 7 . But let ’ s face it , between exorbitant drink prices , hectic traffic and now having to pay for parking at most major Strip properties , a night out on the town can turn into an expensive ordeal .
Well , all you Hepcats , loosenup and chill because a night of worthy music awaits if one just knows where to look . From the fancy and intimate to the unpretentious , there are some great places in town that fit the bill without breaking your bank ... and I can assure you that a night of Bose-bouncing barn-burners will leave you wanting for more !
Myron ’ s Cabaret Jazz – The Smith Center
After the Smith Center opened in 2012 the Cabaret Jazz venue ( located across from Reynolds Hall ) was renamed in early 2017 to Myron ’ s Jazz Cabaret in honor of The Smith Center President and CEO Myron Martin . Myron was a key figure in designing the space and was influenced by some of the world ’ s top Jazz clubs and halls . The 3,700 sq . ft ., 240 seat two-tiered venue hosts a variety of live music genres ranging from the likes of Classic Jazz , Pop , Contemporary and World Music . Myron ’ s also regularly showcases our favorite hometown heroes , such as David Perrico , Frankie Moreno and Clint Holmes .
Livin ’ Local
52 May / June 2018
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