May Magazines 2018 89135 - Page 49

Pastimes Chalk it Up to Creativity By DeDee Birdsall NO MATTER WHAT YOUR DECORATING STYLE, THE CHALKBOARD WALL IS ONE of the most versatile home décor trends today. Perfect for creating accent walls with loads of character, it’s affordable, adds instant drama to any room and is an awesome way to foster family creativity. Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz are loaded with ideas from kitchens to entryways to playrooms, but don’t stop there! Add chalkboard paint on backsplashes, butler pantries, create a family message center in a central location of your home and more. Cleverly applied chalkboard paint means you’ll have new places to add gentle reminders to the family, make grocery lists, or just doodle and draw. You can also think outside the box and plan special messages or designs, or leave it blank to display artwork when not in use. Chalkboard Paint vs. Chalk Paint Your first lesson in adding a feature wall is purchasing the correct paint. Chalkboard paint is different than chalk paint. Many people mistake these two mediums and often use the terms interchangeably; however, they’re actually quite different and produce very different results. Unlike chalk paint, which is often used on furniture and is named for its matte, chalk­like fin­ ish, chalkboard paint does exactly what it sounds like: turns any surface into a chalkboard. It can be found at large hardware store paint departments and craft stores in classic colors that include black and green, as well as specialty hues. Magnetic chalkboard paint is also an option; it’s the perfect alternative for home message centers and playrooms where you want to attach items to the wall. Wipe the Slate Clean To get started, take a walk around your home and find the best place to add a chalkboard. Once you’ve found t he perfect wall, the rest is as easy as rolling on the paint. Tips for success include: • Choose a smooth wall. Textured walls make it difficult to write on and are less than ideal. • Choose your right paint. For our wall, we purchased Rust­Oleum’s 30 ounce Flat Black chalk­ board paint from Home Depot for under $10. You’ll see chalkboard paint in aerosol sprays as well, but keep in mind this is best used to transform smaller surfaces such as windows and old doors. May/June 2018 49