May Magazines 2018 89135 - Page 41

A Step Above West Career and Technical Academy senior Serena Lee believes strongly that “it takes a village”, and she credits much of her success to the support of her friends, family and other members of the community. Yet, on an individual level, her accomplishments in the classroom, on the range and in service of others testify to her solid work ethic, sharp mental focus and determined attitude. With a passion for science her aspirations are leaning toward a career in microbiology, but wherever she winds up, she intends to live each day to the fullest with gratitude and a humble perspective, and for that, Serena Lee is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.7 Sports/Music/Clubs: • Clark County Shooting Complex Rimfire League Team Member, 2016-2017 • Flutist, 2013-Present • Studio Recital Ensemble Member, 2015-2017 • Las Vegas Youth Orchestra Symphonic Band, 2014-2015 • WCTA Student Ambassador, 2016-Present • National Honor Society Member, 2016-Present • Giving Grizzlies Mentorship Club Rogich Homework Club President, 2016-Present; Teaching Assistant, 2016-Present • PRIME Health Fair Kick Off Planning, 2017 • National Rifle Association Youth Education Summit Attendee, 2016; Member, 2015-Present • Key Club Member, 2014-Present • Girl Scouts of America, 2015-2017 • HOSA, 2014-2015 Scholarships/Awards/Community Service: • Kathrine Albertsons Scholar, 2018 • AP Scholar, 2017 • Clark County Shooting Complex Rimfire League (RL)–Top Female Handgun Average, 2016 • RL Top Female High Combined Average, 2016 • RL Female Outstanding Handgun Performance of the League, 2016 • RL High Scratch Division B Team Award, 2016 • RL High Average Combined Junior Division, 2016 • United Way Next Generation Actively Gaining Experience (NGAGE) Award, 2014-2016 • Giving Grizzlies Mentorship Club, 2016-Present • Symbolic Art Center, 2013-Present • Children’s Discovery Museum Volunteer, 2016 • Symbolic Art Summer Camp Volunteer, 2013-Present What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far? “I consider my largest accomplish- ment to be of self-growth–learning to come out of my shell and express myself. I have been a gen- erally reserved and shy person. As a way to strengthen my public speaking skills, I applied for the student ambassadors program at the end of sophomore year. As a representative for my school I have lead tours on campus and at magnet fairs and learned how to address an audience.” You’ve been volunteering for the Symbolic Art Center for a long time. What keeps you involved? “The difference that it makes in someone’s life when there are people around them that care is intan- gible and inexplicably powerful. I hope to make the kind of impact that they’ve had on my life on someone else’s. I’ve learned a lot about the value of service with them, as well as responsibility and leadership in my community.” What is your favorite quote to live by? “’Memento Mori,’” which roughly translates to ‘remember you will die’. The sentiment has been passed down in philosophy since Socrates and Buddha and is a reflection on the temporary nature of things. It asks, ‘What have you today?’ and I try to answer that question every day with, ‘I have lived a day worth living.’” 2018 Serena Lee May/June 2018 41