May Magazines 2018 89128 - Page 72

Haute Spot Fish on the Move Sapporo Revolving Sushi By Aly Wagonseller IT’S TIME TO JUMP ON THE SUSHI TRAIN. THIS DOESN’T MEAN that if you haven’t tried it by now the time has come to get your feet wet; I mean seriously, sushi is a mainstream eat these days. Rather, it’s about getting your fish fix fast, furious and fresh in a way that’s been successful in Japan since the 1950s. Jumping on the kaiten-zushi, a.k.a. conveyor belt sushi wagon is where it’s at, and Las Vegas has its first entry into the market with Sapporo Revolving Sushi, located at 4671 Spring Mountain Rd. 72 Watching sushi float on by your table is just plain fun, a phenom partner Freddy Hwang, a local restaurateur with ties to numer- ous successful restaurants, recognized after seeing the concept spread rampantly around the world over the past couple of decades. The novelty, along with the convenience of being able to chow down right when you sit, allows for more table turns and less staffing; a business model that sold Hwang on the idea. Still, it was tough going with our local health department who didn’t want fish on a plate wandering around uneaten for hours at a time. Hwang and his partners came up with a way to microchip each plate to determine how long it was on the belt. After 30 minutes on the move with no takers, the fish is system- atically removed by a robotic arm and disposed of, ensuring you fresh sushi with every grab and take. May/June 2018 The restaurant reflects a modern aesthetic without being stark. A small bar allows for cocktails while you wait, and energetic music fills the space for a lively vibe. The conveyor belt winds past each table, stocked with a variety of fish, specialty rolls, salads and desserts, all labeled for easy identification. Each dish you choose is priced at $2.50 per plate; most sushi plates are stocked with two pieces, rolls with four, with a few higher end varieties available as single items. Everything we chose, from super white or yellow tail tuna, salmon belly, sea bass, popcorn lobster and rainbow rolls, to shrimp and salmon mini tacos was properly cut and prepared, fresh and super tasty. There’s also an option to order off-menu from a tablet located on each table, with items arriving via friendly wait staff or an automated monorail type train located above the conveyor belt. Selections are plentiful and diverse, with appetizers that i ՑеȵѠɥѕɬMɝ)Ѐи쁕ٕمɥ䁽͡ɽ쁵)ɕٕ́ɅՑɕɕ͕ѕe)́ѡɥݥѠͼͅՍ׊eɔѡȁٕȴ)ͥ́ͥЁɕ䁉ѕ䁅͠ɕѥ)Mɼ́ȁѠչȰ́)ѡɗé݅аȁ͡Ʌ٥́ݥͅѥ͙ѡ)ԁѕȁѡɕхɅи%хЁɅѥѥͽ)ѡɗéѡѕȸȁѡЀȴԴ