May Magazines 2018 89128 - Page 52

Livin’ Local All That Jazz... And More! By J. Tyge O’Donnell Living in the entertainment capital of the world we’re by no means lacking when it comes to a thriving music scene. Between all the lounges, piano bars, impersonators and tribute artists, we get our fill of quality music pretty much 24/7. But let’s face it, between exorbitant drink prices, hectic traffic and now having to pay for parking at most major Strip properties, a night out on the town can turn into an expensive ordeal. Well, all you Hepcats, loosenup and chill because a night of worthy music awaits if one just knows where to look. From the fancy and intimate to the unpretentious, there are some great places in town that fit the bill without breaking your bank...and I can assure you that a night of Bose-bouncing barn-burners will leave you wanting for more! Myron’s Cabaret Jazz – The Smith Center After the Smith Center opened in 2012 the Cabaret Jazz venue (located across from Reynolds Hall) was renamed in early 2017 to Myron’s Jazz Cabaret in honor of The Smith Center President and CEO Myron Martin. Myron was a key figure in designing the space and was influenced by some of the world’s top Jazz clubs and halls. The 3,700 sq. ft., 240 seat two-tiered venue hosts a variety of live music genres ranging from the likes of Classic Jazz, Pop, Contemporary and World Music. Myron’s also regularly showcases our favorite hometown heroes, such as David Perrico, Frankie Moreno and Clint Holmes. Livin’ Local 52 May/June 2018 Livin’ Local . . . z a J z And More! All That onnell yge O’D By J. T mes en it co ing wh k c la s ute o mean and trib ’re by n nators e o w rs e d p rbi- rl o en exo bars, im f the w , betwe it apital o s, piano c e e t c g ip n n fa e u ajor Str the lo rtainm ut let’s een all most m 24/7. B the ente t h tw a c e in u B g g . m in e in y n Liv park ic prett usic sce pay for ty mus ving m ordeal. aving to of quali h to a thri ll fi w s r o n u n e ive e get o ic and an exp ff w a , to tr ts in just is c ti art s if one can turn es, hec ic await e town s nk pric u ri th d m n me t y o o n h ta ht out f wort re are s s, a nig night o us, the ie a o ti rt e s at e n u p te th a c pro hill be e unpre ure you p and c can ass te to th u I a n d e m s n ti o .a in .. r bank pcats, lo cy and ! you He ing you the fan t break for more . From Well, all u k o o h lo it w anting to l w il re b u e e o h y w leave at fit th knows ers will town th rn-burn laces in a p b t g a in re g -bounc of Bose from a night across ocated (l e u mith n S f The Jazz ve honor o abaret C in t e re pace th s a 2012 zz Cab ing the ron’s Ja ened in design y p in o M r re q. ft., to s te u 7 h Cen 3,700 key fig rly 201 e Smit lls. The d in ea n was a a e h ro m y a d es of n k n M After th . li as re clubs a Martin om the s Hall) w p Jazz Myron ging fr to O n E ’s ra s our C d e s Reynold rl s d genre nt an howca the wo Preside e music ularly s me of v g o li s f re s. y o o e b Center ls ty nced ron’s a nt Holm a varie s influe sic. My a )))))4)))))ɔ)݄))ɰ))ɕ)4)])Ёݼ)Ʉ)Ʌ(͕)ѕ)٥A) )())))))@))(Ս) ͥ)ɽ)ѽݸ))))є)ٽɤ)ɕ) )+d)))5()5)չ()Ѡ )L)))P))胊L)ѕ