May Magazines 2018 89128 - Page 35

• birch • cinnamon • clove • oregano • tea tree • thyme Remember, also, to avoid petting your cat if you are wearing essential oils on your pulse points. While dogs tend to benefit more from the therapeutic effects of essential oils, cinnamon, citrus, pine, tea tree, thyme, wintergreen, and ylang ylang oils pose risks to dogs and should be avoided. Experts also agree that oils should never be diffused around birds since breathing in the oils is potentially fatal for your feathered friends, and keep fish tanks closed while diffusing oils in the area. If your pet has been exposed to essential oils, either through diffusion or ingestion, and are experiencing balance issues, drooling or excessive salivating, lethargy, tremors, pawing at mouth or face or vomiting, consult your emergency vet- erinarian immediately. The Bottom Line Since differi r2&VB&Vv&FrFRW6RbW76VF2vFWG2W"&W7B6W'6Rb7F2F67VBvFW"fWFW&&bFW&RB6f'F&RvFFR7V&V7@b&F6VF6RFW&R&RfWG2FR&V7V6ƗpFR7V&V7BG"7'&GBEd5d25d5dfVFVBFRfWFW&'VF6&FW&766Fࢅd6R26FRfVFW"BVF6Gf6"FGW&6&R7FGWFR2v6ffW'2FR2fVv26ЦVGFW&FfW2WB6&RG"'&GB26VvBgFW WW'BFRfVBB&fFW2ƖR&W6W&6W2R6Ч7VFF2BVGV6FWfVG2F&WGFW"WVWBvW'0vFFRvVFvRFWVVBF6fVǒ6&Rf"FV"WG2ࢆGG37'&GFGf6ҐFW"fWFW&&26VFrG"6&7F&&&W"fVFW"bvƖWBvVW726VFW"2vV2FPFVBWBVF(J"BƖfWFR6&R6VFW"W6RFVw&ЧFfR&6W2FWB6&RFB6VFRFRW6RbW76VFFW&vFW&&FW&fBFW&B7WV2ЧGW&RFW6VRfVV6f'F&RvVG'rF0GW&&6FWBVF6&R)x`