May Magazines 2018 89128 - Page 22

For the Love of Food The Power of Purple Beets for Good Health Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith Vibrant, tasty and full of powerhouse vitamins and minerals, beets are a colorful way to eat healthy. A root veggie that’s in season all year long, their earthy, sweet flavor is a welcome addition to a vari­ ety of dishes, from salads laced with fennel and goat cheese, to main dishes and even desserts. Still, beets can be somewhat intimidating to prepare. After all, who wants aubergine hands, stained counter­ tops and a newly tie dyed t­shirt if you can help it? When prepping raw beets, there are a few ways to keep the color at bay. First off, use a mandolin instead of a knife when slicing. It will keep hand contact to a minimum while producing the perfect cut every time. Next, try coating your cutting board with cooking spray or better yet, cover it completely with plastic wrap when slicing the veg­ etable. Once you’re done, remove and toss with very little mess. Wrapping beets in aluminum foil, then roasting them whole in the oven is another quick and easy way to get a roasted product that’s less mess in the pan. Simply remove from the foil when finished and peel the skin using the foil or a paper towel to keep hands in the clear. Even if you should get beet juice on your fingers, there’s hope for a clean tomorrow. Magically remove the stain with a little water, some baking soda and a light scrubbing. No one will be the wiser! A great source of fiber, beneficial for digestive health, and adept at reducing the risk of a number of chronic health conditions, especially those associated with inflammation, there are more reasons than not to include these purple beauties in your next meal. Whether in a delightful soup that’s perfect for a warm day, a gorgeous, main dish 22 quiche, a healthier version of potato salad that’s stunning on the plate or a secret weapon red velvet cupcake that leaves the food col­ oring in the pantry, you’ll soon discover why beets are the power food of the future. May/June 2018