May Magazines 2018 89128 - Page 18

The Must Do List EDITOR’S PICKS May 19 May Brews & Blues Festival 5 Red-hot blues and ice-cold brews are both on tap at the Springs Preserve’s (333 S. Valley View Blvd.) annual Brews and Blues Festival. Open to ages 21 and up, the event features unlimited beer samples from regional, national and international brewers, live music and tasty food for purchase in the preserve’s scenic open-air venue. Jam out with Leisa K and The Pickups, Dr. Harpo & The Ace Tones, and the Bill Magee Blues Band. Visit for info. Indian Food and Cultural Festival Henna tattoos, lively enter­ tainment, exotic arts and crafts, shopping and lots of spicy food await at the [X[[[\[ԑBUYBܛY™B\][]H\[Hݙ\Y[[\ L ˈܘ[[[KKH۰\ٚ]][\ܛYYYYHY\YHوݙK\X ۛ܈[[\[[X^BXY]HY\ [\H[\[X]]Y\˂]ܙ[\\ZHH]\K[ܚBX[\KX؜[[[\[H]Z[XB[\[\[]K[H[H\\[]\pBX[ݚYH\܈H[\وY[[]\\]Y[X][ۈو[X[[\K\]˚[X[\H܈[ܙH[˂X^BL L\\][ق[\ۂ]\Y][Bܛ\[HX[\\X\[\&\^BYZ[܈H[X]Y[X[\\][ق[\ۈ]H[\ۈ][^H ˂]\ KY\\H[]Y\\HYH [Y][\]YH\H[\[[\\™HZ[\ܘ\\ܘY\[]]ܜ˂]]H[[و\[HXZ[[Y[YpB[[ܙX][ۜ[[H[[[[\B[]\X\[HܝZ\HH\][ HY8&\[\XB]H^H\XHXZH]H\X][܈HB[Z[K\]˘][ٚ[\ۋH܈[ŒNX^Kҝ[H NX^BH M[X[\[B\XYH[[BY]\\H\HܙX]X\ۈXZHHZ[\]KH\[HH[[H\] H[X[\]][ۋ[]Hݙ[HX[[X[\[]\\]][ۈ8&Y\B[\[ۈZ\\X\\܈H[H[ L [\^\ˈ\H\]][ۈ^\[H[[KBH\]XوH[\X[&H\HH[^[[H[[BK\]˘\[X\XYKH܈[˂[BBM[X[YYH[H\\H\[H[\]X]\&\ L ܘ[[[KH[[[Y\[H\وZ\H\HX˜]\[X][ۈو[[\XX[H]\X\[ܘY[ܜ\[[HZ\[KHYH\X[[YY[Z[\[H]]\XHXY[\YBY[\ܛ ]Y][ۘ[\ܛX[\H\Y\XZH\[ZY HXKHZYHX[[ۙ[[ܙK\]˜YYZ[Y\\ H܈X][[