May Magazines 2018 89117 - Page 63

6.9 – Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Bowling Tournament Suncoast Bowling Center, 9090 Alta Dr. Help NPHY assist local homeless youth at two family-friendly bowling events: “Superheroes by Day” and “Vigilantes by Night”, each featuring unlimited bowling, food, giveaways, raffle prizes, a photo booth and more. The evening sesh features a DJ and cosmic bowling. Visit to register. 6.9 – 96.3 KKLZ’s Junefest Sunset Station Amphitheater, 1301 W. Sunset Rd. The amphitheater lights up with this salute to the 80’s that includes performances by Rick Springfield, Jefferson Starship featuring Mickey Thomas and Grammy Award-winning artist Terri Nunn and Berlin. Visit to for more information. 6.9 – George Noory Live Veil Pavilion @ Silverton Las Vegas, 3333 Blue Diamond Rd. National radio talk show host George Noory talks about paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abduc- tions, conspiracies and all things unexlplained. Visit for info. 6.9-30 – Las Vegas 51s Games Cashman Field, 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Come out to the field for some exciting baseball action as Las Vegas’ own 51s take on New Orleans (6.5-7), Round Rock (6.9-11), Reno (6.21-24) and Salt Lake (6.29-30). Visit for tickets and schedule info. 6.14-16 – Las Vegas Car Stars Fremont St. Fans of Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Starsky & Hutch, Ghostbusters and other films that feature a show- stealing vehicle will love this display of “star cars” on Fremont, along with themed car parades and lots of family friendly fun. Visit for info. 6.9 – 17th Annual 6.16 – DjangoVegas 2018 Reggae in the Desert Historic Fifth Street School, 401 S. Fourth St. Clark County Amphitheater, Join this annual celebration of the music of Django Reinhardt and other gypsy jazz musi- 500 Grand Central Pkwy. cians past and present featuring Black Market Trust, Harmonious Wail with Bjorn The Caribbean lifestyle comes alive with Thoroddsen and Hot Club of Las Vegas. Visit the events portal music, arts, crafts and food straight from for info. the islands. This year’s festival features 6.16 – Glow Worm 5K Fun Run and 1-Mile Run/Walk headliners Collie Buddz and Third World, Equestrian Park South Trailhead, 1200 Equestrian Dr. with additional performances by Mr. On your mark, get set, GLOW! Enjoy a night under the stars in Henderson with a leisure- Vegas, Kabaka Pyramid, Cocoa Tea, ly stroll or challenging run. Just be sure to wear your brightest fitness attire. Visit The Mighty Diamonds and more. to register. Visit 6.18-29 – Las Vegas Restaurant Week for tickets and info. Participating Las Vegas Restaurants Make a reservation at award-winning restaurants and local eateries you’ve always wanted to try and dine out for a good cause. Participating restaurants will offer prix fixe selections with a portion of the proceeds going to help Three Square Food Bank. Visit about two weeks before FRWfVBf"FWF2b#"( 2DTGTb#VG&WFVG&RTbCSR2'Bw&RFB&W6VFW'26VFr66VF7G27GVFVG2'F7G2&W6V&6W'2WG2VFW'FW'2BFW'2vFRFR7FvRF'F6FRF2FrWfVBfVGW&r&W6VFF2V6'BF72BGFVFVP7FfFW2f6BwwrVbVGR2f"fb#2( 2&6ƖvB6ƖFP6&B7FFVsR'W76V&BvFv6ƖFW2fVBvFVvr֖FRF&vFW"F6RFW62g&FRFD2FR6VG'fRFRFRbW"ƖfRB( vWBvvVN( f6Bwwr&6ƖvG6ƖFR6f"F6WG2b#rrB( 27WW"7VW"FVG&^( 26RfW2P7&rVF&6vvS&VRF@'&r&WBfBB6Rg&VG2FV7WW"7VW"FVG&^( 2&VFFbFRF琤v&Bvr&F26VG6RfW2Rf6Bwwr7WW'7VW'FVG&R&rf"fb#( 2F&&V666W'G0F&3S22fVv2&fBFrW"fVWBFFR6BB6fbBvBvF&V66FRW&f&6R'F'GVG2vF&Ff6BwwrF&6f"F6WG2Bfb#r( 4r2fVv26֖262fVv26fVF6VFW"3S&F6R&BwVW7BV&6W2'6&ƖR62F&VFWf6FfBg&2FRw&VV&vW"B&"ƖVfVB7&VF"bFVG6&RBf&6RvƖvBF22FfW7FffVBvF6vw2&W6VFF2'F7G2W&F'2B&R67V6W&vVBf6Bwwrv6֖666f"fc