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A Step Above 2018 Hanna Lee Agility, strength, coordination, balance and timing is the stuff of great fencers. The skills take time and energy to hone, but Bishop Gorman High School Valedictorian Hanna Lee has been up to the chal- lenge. A champion in the sport and Olympian hopeful, her dedication to the centuries-old craft is inspiring. So, too, is her determination to reach her maximum potential, not just wielding and epee, but in everything she endeavors, from academics to character development. As she navigates her way through life, she strives not only for victorious wins and prestigious awards, but to always “be more patient, more caring and more understanding,” an M.O. that lifts Hanna Lee to– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.16 Sports/Clubs/Community Service: • Division 3 Women’s Epee Fencing, 2009-2014 • Division 1 Women’s Epee Fencing, 2014-Present • USA Junior and Cadet International World Cup Team Member, 2013-Present • National Honor Society, 2016-2018 • National English Honor Society, 2016-2018 • National Spanish Honor Society, 2016-2017 • Best Buddies, 2014-2017 • Three Square Food Bank, 2017-2018 • Heartfelt Heroes, 2016-2017 • Atria Seville Senior Living, 2017-2018 • Operation Homefront, 2017 • Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, 2017 • Relay for Life, 2017 Scholarships/Awards: • Valedictorian, 2018 • National Merit Semifinalist, 2017-2018 • AP Scholar with Honor, 2017-2018 • USA Fencing/Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team, 2015-2017 • Scholars English 2 Student of the Year, 2015-2016 • Junior Team Women’s Epee Champion–Junior Olympic Fencing Championship, 2014 • 7th Place–North American Cup (NAC) Division 1 Women’s Epee Fencing, 2017 • 2nd Place–July Challenge Cadet Women’s Epee, 2015 • 2nd Place–European Cadet Circuit Klagenfurt Cadet Team Women’s Epee, 2014 • 3rd Place–NAC Cadet Women’s Epee, 2014 • 3rd Place–NAC Junior Team Women’s Epee, 2014 How has fencing broadened your horizons? “Competing at both a national and international level has given me so many opportunities and different perspectives that have truly changed my life. It’s extremely gratifying to be able to participate in a thriving, competitive environment that you enjoy.” What personal quality helps you compete at such a high level? “I feel that having a sense of humility is important in training, studying, and other aspects of life. Recognizing that failure is inevitable some- times and using it as motivation can substantially set some people apart from others.” Every athlete experiences ups and downs. What have you learned about yourself during the low times? “Whenever I was in a slump, it was really hard for me to believe that dedication and discipline were worth it and that the number next to my name after a competition didn’t mean everything. Ultimately, all my setbacks have made me a better, more hard-working person that not only enjoys competition, but also the process.” What are the inherent stressors for young adults today and how do you contend with them? “In increasingly competitive school, sports, musical, fine arts, and other environments, the amount of stress can have a negative impact on one’s performance, mindset, and self-image. I think by achieving a more balanced schedule and knowing one’s limits, young adults can alleviate the overwhelming nature of this pressure.” May/June 2018 41