May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 82

Whale watching Every year from August to October, Polynesian waters welcome humpback whales. During this season, there are many boats that take visitors outto appreciate these ma- jestical creatures from afar. If you’re looking for more adventure than simply watching, there are snorkeling sessions which allow for you to see the whales in person underwa- ter. Most of the resorts in the French Polynesian archipelago can only be accessed by boat. This adds to the magical experience as most tourists here are used to heading to our hotels and destinations over land. In Tahiti, a boat just as good as a taxi, and your commute will be the exact moment you realize that you’ve exchanged everyday life for paradise. The protected lagoons found in Tahiti are also the perfect spots for kayaking, and when you look over the edge into the waters, they are so clear you can see a vari- ety of marine life. Traveling by boat 82