May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 80

Tahiti Iti Traditional Polynesian villages, archaeological sites and caves make up this charming part of Tahiti. Tahiti Iti offers a refreshing break from other parts of the island due to its rich Polynesian culture and authenticity. Tahiti Iti has gained a reputation for being a bit of a surfer’s haven, but if you don’t fancy riding a wave or two there are still plenty of other activities on offer. Just take a stroll and explore the landscape and villages, ride on horseback or take a boat tour to the remote parts of Fenua Aihere and Te Pari. After exploring the island, what better way to appreciate paradise than under a blanket of stars? In Tahiti, the Milky Way is extremely visible which makes it the perfect desti- nation for stargazing. Many astronomers even travel here to make the most of the sky that’s untouched by light pollution. The beautifully clear night skies 80