May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 66

All products from Brave soldier cooling aftershave gel, Grants Hair pomade, Badger aftersun Balm, Baxter of California Night cream, Beardsley lotion for beards, Capt Fawcetts moustache wax, Pashana Brilliantine for hair, Musgo Real after shave, Carter and Bond shaving brush, Bounder moustache wax, Baxter hair po- made. This is why booking a consultation with a highly regarded barber is a smart move as it ensures that you get a great cut that suits your face shape and is age appropriate. Upgrade Your Wardrobe “Clothes make the man,” as they say, and this is one of the easiest ways to take your appearance to the next level. Make sure that you have the essen- tials and that all of your clothes fit properly (probably the biggest mistake that men make). 66