May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 44

3. Not preserving your hair The hair on your head helps to frame the face and contour your cheeks. But if your hair is receding, you run the risk of making yourself older than you truly are. The good news is you have plenty of options to choose from now-a-days to maintain (and even grow back) what you have on your head. What’s more, it’s not super expensive. Be sure to read our article on how to treat a reced- ing hairline. 4. Not coping with stress Stress can have a negative, cumulative effect on the entire body. When left unchecked, the effects of stress often show up in the face in the form of deep worry lines and wrinkles. Exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep certainly can be healthy ways of coping. But if you live in a constant world of stress, you may want to consider professional help. Working with a counselor allows you to figure out new, effective strategies for better managing what’s happening in your life. 5. Not using an exfoliator Your skin is a living and breathing organ. Each day, it renews itself by regen- erating itself in the form of collagen. This means old skin cells die off and new ones take their place. But if you don’t remove the dead stuff, you run the risk of having a dull, aged look. One way to help promote new skin growth and get rid of those old cells is to use a quality exfoliator. We like Menscience Microfine Scrub. This profes- sional-grade product has glycolic acid that helps gently buff away dull build- up. The end result is smooth, radiant skin. Ideal for all skin type. 44