May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 175

Only two years later, the 82-metre Sun Tower, with its iconic steel dome, would dominate the Vancouver skyline. It not only surpassed the 53-metre Dominion Building for tallest in the city, but for a single year it was crowned the tallest of all buildings in the British Empire. Of course, no list of classic Vancouver architectural icons is complete without mentioning the Marine Building. Completed in 1930 and standing at 98 metres tall, the Marine Building on Burrard Street is considered to be one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the world. In recent years it has been featured heavily in film and TV productions, often standing in for New York City. While the quality of these films, such as The Fantastic Four, are debatable, the quality of the Marine Building is indisputable. 175