May 2019 Issue #29 May 2019 Issue #29 - Page 134

3. Passive aggressive game playing Under this point, you will say one thing and mean another. Because of an inability to communicate, be it by design or lack of ability (or both) you drain the life out of your gay relationship by engaging in passive aggressive be- haviors. The end result for you and your partner is confusion, anger and resentment. Examples include: Not directly saying what you mean during a dispute Pretending everything is “OK” when it is clearly not Refusing to engage in meaningful dialog about a problem Withholding emotions, including physical and emotional affection 4. Selfish behaviors Selfishness is perhaps one of the major reasons behind gay relationship breakups. And while the word selfishness may be subjective, there are a certain set of behaviors that clearly indicate one person is acting like a ma- jor narcissist. It is important under this point to look at the totality of behaviors and not iso- late just one thing. Examples include: Acting like a selfish bottom in the bedroom (aka pillow princess) Not doing your part to keep your shared home clean (i.e. chores) Expecting your man to pay for everything because he makes more money 134