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Smart Governance FinishingTouch Another Baba- Bomb About to xplode T his book is about The Baba as Property Grabber with a propensity for making his Benefactors disappear - Or perhaps the protege whose benefactors have a tendency to die or disappear mysteriously , And whose proximity to the buxom- looking Nepalese with the false passport Acharya Balkrishna can give you many ideas Guru Shankar Dev of Kripalubagh Ashram at Kankhal in Haridwar disappears from Haridwar in 2007 after having handed over Ashram to Ramdev Balkrishna and Karamveer in 1995 itself in return for getting it freed from difficult renters. Ramdev is in Chicago and has no time to come back and try to find him Close friend / Partner Karamveer , to whom Guru Shankardev had originally wanted to hand over the Kripalubagh Ashram and his own legacy, mysteriously disappears from Haridwar in 2005 Benefactor / Partner Astha Channel Chief Kirit Mehta is intimidated into handing over the Channel to the Baba Sanskar Channel Chief Kabra is also forced to hand over majority shares to the Baba Vaidya Yoganand , original licence holder of the Divya Pharmacy part of the Patanjali Ashram , is mysteriously murdered Rajiv Dixit who introduces RamDev into Swadeshi Jagran and BJP politics in 2008 and with whom he founded the Bharat Swabhiman Andolan is found mysteriously dead on his 42 nd Birthday in an Arya Samaj guest house in Bemetara in Chattisgarh in 2010; his body is brought to Haridwar and got cremated without allowing a post-mortem by Ramdev And now Priyanka Pathak- Narayan who researched and wrote this biography of Ram Kishen Yadav alias Kaaniaa alias Baba Ramdev and her publisher are sued by Ramdev and the book is not allowed to be released distributed or sold to the public How very interesting! But then there are so many other stories circulating of the Yadav Baba's proximity to Mulayam Singh Yadav and Subroto Roy Sahara and the laundering of their ill gotten wealth , from the heyday of the Samajwadi Party's honeymoon with the Amar Singh - Jayaprada, Amitabh Bacchan-. Jaya Bhaduri- Anil and Tina Ambani couple -trios- who will tell those stories ? You've certainly come a long way from being the good- for- nothing hayseed of village Said Alipur in Haryana , haven't you, Mr Ram Kishen Yadav alias Baba Ramdev ji ?  50 | May 2018 | Godman to Tycoon (The untold story of Baba Ramdev ) By Priyanka Pathak – Narayan, 250 pages