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relocate or face the hassle of tiring travel. Technology is bridging huge gaps in the education sector in India and making countless dreams come true. It gives us immense satisfaction that out there we are solving the right problems for right people as our students from over 400 cities and small towns have accessed our online courses and half of them had annual parental income less than INR 300,000”. Last year over 100 selections in UPSC were our online students including AIR 5, 9.This consistent track record is a testimony to not only our live-learning platform but also the quality of teachers we enable on our platform. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If we consider all the toppers associated with NeoStencil, the most important fact that comes to light is that most of them despite not belonging to the major coaching hubs were able to crack the exam successfully. They accessed various courses by India’s top teachers on NeoStencil platform, thus, ensuring that they do not miss "120+ online selections in UPSC out on absolutely anything 2017 and 8 online students ranking required for in top 100 clearly show that we effective have been able to deliver what we preparation. have always promised - Top quality Even courses from top quality teachers and students who reside in a seamless live learning experience” coaching hubs Love Beejal, Co-Founder see value in online & CEO, NeoStencil. education. Saumya Sharma (AIR -9) chose NeoStencil’s online courses despite belonging to Delhi. Doing so, she was able to save time faced by civil services aspirants. 100 travelling to and from coaching online students in CSE 2016, and over centres, and waiting for 120 in CSE 2017 cement the fact that teachers to start classes. live, online, inclusive learning is the In addition to online Ethics way forward to prepare for an exam test series, Saumya also like Civil Services. enrolled for online Interview The increasing number of selections programme where she from online mode is a testimony to the appeared for mock fact that online classes for UPSC exam interviews with have emerged as a strong alternative Swati Mahajan, when compared to the traditional “I enrolled myself for ethics test series another preparation methodology. It provides the aspirants easy and seamless partner by S. Ansari sir on NeoStencil. It teacher at access to the best teachers without was extremely helpful for me. Timely NeoStencil. the need to relocate to big cities. evaluation and feedback provided by The While accessibility is one aspect, Sir were instrumental in my selection. online platforms like NeoStencil have consistent Also, as major coaching areas are very also made sure that not even a single track aspirant faces any barrier when it record far from my home, NeoStencil proved to year after comes to learning. be a boon for me and I could access the Saumya Sharma benefited largely year shows tests right from my home” that online from NeoStencil’s online platform. Saumya Sharma. AIR -9 IAS -2017 guidance Being physically disabled with a hearing impairment did not stop providing platforms like her from succeeding with flying NeoStencil is able colours and cracking UPSC 2017 to solve a real problem with AIR-9.  41 | May 2018 |