May 2017 Magazine - Page 41

A Step Above 2017 Jalyne Miller “It is not enough to want to make the effort. It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals.” –Thomas S. Monson. This favorite quote of Palo Verde High School Senior Jalyne Miller exemplifies her very being. Astutely aware that making change happen requires more than just a wish, Jalyne puts maximum effort into all that she does, planning and pushing forward to make her dreams a reality. Regardless of where the future takes this compassionate, hard working young women one thing is certain; she will make this world a brighter place, one goal at a time. For this, Jalyne Miller is – A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.7 Sports/Clubs/Activities: • Freshman Volleyball, 2013-2014 • JV Volleyball, 2014-2015 • Varsity Volleyball, 2015-2017 • National Honor Society, 2015-Present; President, 2016-Present • Interact Club Treasurer, 2016-Present • Pep Club, 2013-Present; Vice President, 2016-Present • Student Council, 2014-2015 • International Club, 2015-Present • Choose the Right Club, 2014-2015 • Key Club, 2015-2016 • PVHS Yearbook, 2016-2017 Awards/Community Service: • Young Women Recognition Award, 2014 • Honor Bee Service Award, 2015 • PVHS Scholar Athlete Award, 2015-2017 • Nevada All-State Academic Team, 2015-2017 • Las Vegas Philippines Medical Mission Inc., 2013-Present • Lupus Walk for the Cure, 2015 • Three Square, 2014 • Light House Charities, 2017 • Senior Residential Care, 2016-Present • Clark Count Department of Family Services, 2015-2016 What makes you successful in your endeavors? My success is mainly derived and achieved through my ambition and goal setting. I live by a saying, “A goal not written is only a wish.” Throughout my life, as I have set goals, my aspirations become more than wishes, and I am more focused on putting forth the hard work necessary for achieving them. You believe in helping others. Is there one experience you’re particularly proud of? My grandpar- ents are the founders of the Las Vegas Philippines Medical Mission Inc. As part of their mission, they travel to the Philippines to provide medical help to indigent people and deliver school supplies and other necessities to the children and students there. As the National Honor Society President, I organ- ized a project in which my high school participated in donating funds to purchase and assemble school supply packages to contribute to my grandparent’s mission. Through this project, we raised over $1,400, assembled 595 packages, and collected 93 pairs of shoes for students and children in the Philippines. I am proud of the selfless contributions of my peers in helping with this project, and grateful for the opportunity I had to contribute to the children in the Philippines. May/June 2017 Is there any certain experience or obstacle that has made you a stronger person? As I am nearing the end of high school I have looked back on all my prior years of school. Some years were definitely easier than others, but they have all helped develop me into the person I am today. Through my expe- rience facing obstacles I have learned to value the lesson, “Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.” I have learned to work diligently in academics and athletics, and it is gratifying to witness that diligence pay off. 41