May 2017 Magazine - Page 16

A Day Out With Mom Our mothers have given so much to us over the years; it’s nice when we can find a special day to give something back to them. If you’re not sure what to get mom for Mother’s Day, ditch buying “stuff”, opting instead to make memories she’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here’s a list of fun things the family can do together to help celebrate all that she means to you. Henderson Arts Festival Take mom out for a spin to the Henderson Events Plaza on May 13th or 14th for this annual Mother’s Day tradition featuring a dazzling array of art in all media, along with food, live entertainment and art activities for the kids that include an interactive imagination station. It’s a day of culture she won’t soon forget. Visit for info. Tea Lounge at Mandarin Oriental With great views of the Strip and a wide selection of infused teas, coffee, juice, cocktails and small bites such as scones and macaroons, this Zen‐like retreat provides the perfect escape for a mom who just wants to unwind with the finer things in life. Book your table by calling 1‐888‐881‐9367. Nevada Ballet Theatre Presents: Peter Pan Treat your mother to an adventure in dance as performers from the NBT transform the Smith Center into Neverland; a place that awakens the childhood in us all. With energy, humor and characters from swashbuckling pirates to the pixy magic of Tinkerbell, it’s an event the entire family will enjoy. Plus she’ll get to see you all dressed up! Visit for info. March for Babies Las Vegas If going for a run is more mom’s thing then celebrate a day early on Saturday, May 13th at the March of Dimes March for Babies. Located at Sunset Park, this 3 mile walk is the perfect way for the family to get off the couch, while making mom proud as punch that your efforts are help‐ ing more children live healthier, happier lives. Afterwards, take her for a yummy breakfast mimosa to celebrate your accomplishment! Visit for registration. Annual San Gennaro Feast Even mom’s that cook like a day off from the kitchen, and although a nice restaurant it always an option, there’s no better feast to be had than at San Gennaro. Here she can eat to her heart’s content while enjoying live entertainment and maybe even a roller coaster ride or two. Located at Craig Ranch Park, visit for more information. 16 May/June 2017 What could be better than quieting the mind and stretching the body, while helping those less fortunate find a way to get back on track? Doing it all at a beautiful lakeside setting, that’s what. Rick Spradling owner of The Spa at Lakeside 2.0, located in the Lakeside Center, within Desert Shores, at 2620 Regatta Dr. # 113, had a vision to help the community while offering a relaxing, meditative version of yoga to his spa clients, runners and triathlon friends. His passion was infectious, with the owner’s of the center allowing classes to be held alongside beautiful Lake Jacqueline. Now, with the expertise of instructor Audrey Tarris, Yin Yoga by the lake is alive and well for the masses, the proceeds of which help The Shannon West Youth Homeless Center provide services their clients need to lead a productive future. Offering classes on both Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:45, Yin Yoga is a quiet, slow paced meditative practice with the aim of increasing cir- ձѥѡ́ɽ٥᥉丁Q̴̀ͅ)ɕ̤ݽɬݥѡѡѥٔѥՕ́ѡéѕ̰͍)̰ݡձѥمѥ݅ɕ́ȁͥ%ӊéѡə)Ʌѥȁѡ͔ݡѥٔ屔ɔѼɽѡ)ѠѠ䁅1ٔեхȁͥ́ͼɕݥѠ)́ѥ̰ͥɽ́Ѽѡ́ѕȸ)=ɥхѕ䁽AձMɅIéѡȁݡ͕)݅䁙ɽɕЁȰeeѡ́ݽəհ݅Ѽѡ)ݡѡѠȁչ丁ȁɵѥQM)Ё1ͥЀȴд)I孄Mѡͥ(ȁ́I孄ٽ(āЁɕ͠ե(̼ЁЁͥ(д؁5Ёٕ) )ɹ͠5Ё=HMɥ)5ѡM) ɕ́ѽѡȁ)х͡ȸՉɅ)ȁѼ̸ɹ͠)ݥѠɔЁ̸ٕ)]Ѡѡѡ́ȁѡˊé́))e%8eȁ ͔)QMЁ1ͥȸ)ɥ͔ѡeɔչȁѡ)ɑѼѡ%ɔ)5ѡˊé%ఁѡمɥ́хͭ)5́əɴЁݽձݽѠ(԰Ё啅ȁѡɽͥ)ݽɱeԁ͕ٔɅ͔