May 2017 Magazine - Page 49

It Gets Tricky Treating pets with marijuana-derived products is still a new and somewhat ‘radical’ option - a lot of vets are either unaware of its benefits or don’t feel comfortable endorsing what’s considered a controversial treatment. According to the AVMA website, certain veterinarians are for marijuana treat- ments while others remain very wary of its toxicity - yet all agree it’s an option that deserves more research and develop- ment in becoming a mainstream treatment option. The bot- tom line is that it’s completely up to you as a pet owner if you think CBD could benefit what’s ailing your animal. If you think it could make your dog or cat feel better, talk to your veterinarian and gauge their opinion. Though, ultimately, you know what’s best for your pet and which avenue of treatment you feel most comfortable. Weigh the pros (natural relief of a variety of ailments) and cons (it can take awhile to be effective, and it’s still a form of pot) and make an informed decision. Sharing Isn’t Caring With the legalization of recreational marijuana, its presence in homes is likely to increase. It’s vital to recognize that the mar- ijuana products we’ll soon be able to purchase at dispensaries are, in fact, harmful to pets. Ingestion of these products can put animals into a dangerous state of lethargy and cause vom- iting, tremors, and even seizures or a coma. Please always be aware and responsible when it comes to cannabis intended for human consumption. If you see your pet eat marijuana or exhibit signs of marijuana poisoning, immediately contact your veterinarian. Again, it comes down to you. It’s your decision if cannabis treatment is something you want to explore and see if it enhances your pet’s quality of life. There’s no right or wrong way to treat an ailing animal, but what kind of pet people would we be if we didn’t share new, emerging, and natural ways of helping our companions? Talk with your veterinarian, or even friends and family, or hop online to research brands and benefits - whatever you need to make the best, most informed decision for your pet. ◆