May 2017 Magazine - Page 34

Favorite Things condiments stay cool and conden- sation free for hours with no messy ice to melt. Super Chill Four Sec- tion Condiment Server, $89.95. ▼ Olive, lemons and other drink Ban Boring Drinks! Fun for parties, happy hour or date night, the Mixology Dice Game creates a different concoction with each roll of the dice, $25. Bar ▼ Keep drinks in hand with the Lifefactory, 17 oz. BPA- Free Outdoor Wine Glasses with Protective Silicone Sleeve. Set of 4 wine glasses, $37. It’s a table. It’s a cooler. It’s the per- fect party piece for your outdoor lounge. The Keter Cocktail Cooler Table is easy to use and clean, $85. 34 ▼ ▼ Kegs aren’t just for beer anymore with the Fruit Keg Tapping Kit. Hollow out your favorite melon and fill with delicious libations to serve on tap, $15.00. May/June 2017