May 2017 Magazine - Page 74

Haute Spot A Thing of Beauty Americana Restaurant on the Lake By Aly Wagonseller NOT OFTEN DO YOU FIND A RESTAURANT OFF THE strip that takes your breath away. One where the level of detail, from the décor and location, to cuisine that could easily be fodder for the food porn movement, makes a state- ment of perfected artistry you’d expect to see in the finest of establishments worldwide. Yet here, in the shadows of con- glomerate, super celebrity chef restaurants, exists just such a place. Adjacent to the shores of Lake Jacqueline, in the com- munity of Desert Shores, Americana Restaurant located at 2620 Regatta Drive Suite 118, is rising to the top of the fine dining scene; and they’re doing it with impressive passion and creativity. The lakeside view places diner’s miles away from the desert called home, and the décor is tasteful, comfortable and upscale without being stuffy; but it’s the genius of Chef Stephen Blandino th ]][Y\X[H\\H[\\ BX[ \X[X]\K\[YH[وB\YH[Y\[\KY\[ܚY[K[\Y\]]\[KYܙH][X[HXZ[B^X]]HY]\YH[Y\XZ]H\X\ۜ˂]8&\\H]\[\[[و\ܚ[Z[][[[\ۙYH\ۈ][]\H[\XXH[B\[\XK][[]X[]HH\[[\ۈ\X\Y[ HY[H\ZYܝ\ ][]]YZ\ۈ[ B\[Y\X[XZ\H\HZ^Y]]\X[[KB[\[X\ۘ[[X[ۜˈHY܈HY\[›Y[KH]H\HYX[XY] MK][Y][ۘ[ YH܈[[Z]Y[HZ\[ˈ^H[ٙ\HYB\H\[ۈ]H\XH[ H\Z[܈X[\\]]\ˈHH\\Hو\[\HY]Bܘ\YY^YH[KHۙ]\XH\Y][œXX[ \[\HX\و\[H\[H\YۈB[]H]Y[\H[Y]^YH[\[\\\HYXH\[Hو[H]X\H]ܜ\H[[[Y H\\X[H[[[Bܝ[ۈ^H\H[Y܈ˈY&][][][H]\[[HX]]Y[و\XH\\]Y [X]X[H[\YX\YKH[X]KܙX[H\Y\\\Yݙ\H\Y\[[][[ۈYY][Hܛ]ۜ[ܚ\H[]NH\[[[X[KBX][ۈZ[[\X\[H[^\[ۘ[B]ܙ[ X[YKX^Kҝ[H M•][HY[][[[\[\X[Y[Z[™^X]YHY] [H][]KY&][YH\ۂ۝\][ۋH\HXYH܈[YKH\H[Y][Y \HY]Z^Y]Z]XH[YH]Y\H\H[\\Y]]H[ܘ[H[\Bۙ\ˈ]H[H\[[KY]\]ܙ[\\۸&]X]H[HX\H\HXH]K^\Bܚ[Y\YZ]H\[Y[^Y Y][\[X\\Y]H[\H\YKXH]\Š[Y][ۈHY&]Y[\[]\X\\K][[\ Kܘ[\[H؛[ܙX[H]YYXHXB]]ݙ\\[H\ Y[[]ۛ\][X\]ܞH܈HXZ[\KH[Y\Y]–[ܚXZ\]Y]\[H[HYو[K\[Y[\YKH\ݙ\YY H[[HH]B[X[\[و[HYY\^XYHH\YB[Y\[\ܘY HXZYHX]]Y[HX\ۙYܝ\ \[\[ZXK[X\[YYHH\BۙH[Y]X\\HXY[\[H[X[\œܝ[HYX[ۈ]XK^]\[ۈ[Z[[ \B\[\\HY ]]\[ܝHYܝ BXY[ Y]ݙ\HX]HY\XZH\[\^YH^HوH[Yx&Y Y\[]ݚYY^\B[H[Y[H[Hܘ[Hܘ]]YBY\H\ H\[Y[\K\HZY ܘ[HXX\ۈ\ۙHوH\x&]HY H[[X^[YX[H۸&]ۈܙ] [H[[\Y][\[Z\\ݙ\H\]žYX\[H\H]8&\܈]\[ۙK]܈H›ݙHX]]Y[]8&\[ݘ]]H[Y[Y [ZH™X]][Hܙ[\][]Y[ZHHZ[HX][ۋ[Y\X[H\HXH܈[K܈\\][ۜ܈[]X][^H[ [ LKMMMK8