May 2017 Magazine - Page 70

What’s more, recent research seems to suggest that intermittent fasting results in a different kind of weight loss compared to traditional diets. According to studies carried out by Krista Varady, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago and one of the leading experts in the field, as much as 90% of the total pounds shed by people who are fasting comes from fat loss. By compar- ison, those on traditional diets tend to lose a mixture of 75% fat and 25% muscle. Research has also found that intermittent fasting tends to fine- tune and rev up the complex interplay وܛ[ۙ\[[\B[^\][ۙ]\H][[[H]ٙB\\\و[^[Y][܈ H\وX[Y BY\ [Y[YH]\H\YY]ۈ]Y[XZ[HX][\[X[H܈[Y[\X\ۜ]\[܂ZYH]H[][\Z][\[[\ݙ\š[[[[]]]H[][و[X[ܛܛ[ۙK\[[[[ܛ[ۙ\]^H[\ܝ[\[Y[] B[Hx&\[\Yۘ[[]ܘYH]\[\X\H]][H[\XYH[\Z][\[˂^[ۙ ]KT[HX[Y[Y\’Y[x&\H[\\Y[X\[[\[Y]]^[ۙ][X[[\]ܚ]HZ\وX[[\Z][\[š\[Y[[YH\و[\ܝ[]X[]K[ً[YBXܜˈH[Z[[و\H\ۙ]]K[X \X\][XHX\H[Y][\H\\XB\YHY[]Y[[\Z][\[[ۙ\YB[ˈXܙ[H\X\]Y]X\Y[Y[YX[Y\X[\[[H\[[XܙX\Y[ܚYH[ZH['^[YH[HH\܈[ܙK8'HXXZ\[K[B[\X[Hۙ[]Y[X[[[[X[[]H\Hš[[[][˂[\Z][\[[\X\]HYۚYX[X\ BX[[\[ݘ\[\[Y]ˈ[H LYHX\Y[]][ۈ\[ \X\[]Z\YX\YH][œ[HH[]\YHو Hݙ\H\HوH L]YZYKX\\X\H\Y\[YH[\ݙ[Y[[B^\H[^HوZ\8'8'H\\\X\˂[Y]H]܈ [\Z[[[ۈ[][]HB\[HYX[H[YH[YK[H\Y\وYY\\YY]H\X\\]H][ۘ[[]]HۈY[\[X™\[\[Y]H\وZ[[Y][Y[œX[]\ۜHH\Y[YXو\Y[[˜[H[\[]Y[XYK[ۚ]]HX[K[XܙX\[\وH[Y[\]]H\X\\