May 2017 Magazine - Page 41

A Step Above 2017 Jonathan Williams Resilience is a noble trait. It allows for one to take less favorable situations in life and turn them into new beginnings that create character and resolve. Faith Lutheran High School Senior Jonathan “Jack” Williams possesses just this kind of flexibility. Optimistic, caring and respectful of the views of others, he embraces change; making the best of every situation while seizing the oppor- tunity to learn and grow. He may face obstacles, we all do. But Jonathan forges forward, asking for help when needed while continually looking at the bright side of any situation. This ability to look past what knocks you down and emerge happier, more accomplished and stronger than you ever thought possible makes Jonathan “Jack” Williams – A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.13 Sports/Activities: • JV Cross Country, 2013-2014 • Varsity Cross Country, 2014-Present; Captain, 2016-Present • Varsity Track, 2014-2015 • 1st Flute, 2009-Present • Superior Rating–Music In The Parks, 2014 • Science Bowl, 2015-2016 • RPG Club, 2015-Present Awards/Community Service: • FLHS Student of The Year–Math, 2015-2016 • FLHS Student of The Year–Theology, 2015-2016 • Academic Varsity Letter, 2015-Present • Music Varsity Letter, 2016-Present • Southern Nevada Regional Champions, 2015 • National Merit Semifinalist, 2016 • FLHS Cross Country Foundation Award, 2016 • St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 2015-Present • Three Square Food Bank, 2015-Present What are your goals and aspirations, for now and the future? I hope to work hard and finish my high school career well. I will be attending Carleton College in the fall, and I hope to study abroad and complete a world class education. I’d like to become a medical professional of some kind, and be able to work to better others and society as a whole. What makes you successful? A willingness to laugh at myself, the ability to go to others for help, and the diligence to keep going when the going gets tough make me successful. You’ve moved around a lot. How has this changed your perspective? Having parents in the Air Force forces you to learn to deal with loss at a young age. Although they have raised me and my siblings through many moves, and have kept us with love through it all, moving all across the country has taken away many things others take for granted. But it has also offered me the chance to take opportunities I never would have had if I had never moved. If I could summarize it all in one sentence it would be this - things change, but if nothing changes than nothing can ever be new. May/June 2017 What is a key issue facing young adults today and how might you be a part of the solution? A key issue facing young adults is a lack of mutual respect. In today’s culture, those of differing opinions are often set upon as enemies, without a thought to the differing views they could bring to a situation. I would like to work to help spread respect in my activities in college, and charity work I can be a part of. 41