May 2017 Magazine - Page 60

Decorating Secrets A Natural Approach to Living More and more people are gravitating towards spending time in indoor/outdoor spaces. It connects us to nature and provides for a calming respite from our otherwise hectic filled lives. Kathy May, Interior Designer of Furniture & Furnishings for Blue Heron Homes, values this back to nature aesthetic and, within an innovative team of home building profes- Kathy May has been in the design sionals, strives to create cutting edge style with organic flair. field for 30 years, owning ReMix Manned with furnishing all of Blue Heron’s Model and Show Interiors, a full-service interior Homes, as well as assisting clients in decorating their new space, Kathy updates us on up and coming trends in home 60 design firm for 27 years as well as being the Director of Design for Project City Center, the largest and dΓ©cor designs. Whether you’re considering a new privately funded development in purchase, or looking for great ideas to transform your the world. In design, she believes existing ho ΅”°Ι•…Ρ₯Ήœ„…±΅₯ΉœΝΑ…”Ρ‘…Ё™₯Ρ́ε½ΥΘ)±₯™•ΝΡε±”Ή•Ω•Θ½•Μ½ΥЁ½˜ΝΡε±”Έ)Ρ‘…Ё•Ω•Ι䁕±•΅•ΉΠ½˜Ρ‘”ΝΑ…”)Ν‘½Υ±Ι•™±•ΠΡ‘”±₯•ΉΠΜΑ•ΙΝ½Έ΄)…±₯Ρδ₯Έ‰½Ρ ™½Ι΄…Ή™ΥΉΡ₯½ΈΈ