May 2017 Magazine - Page 42

Livin’ Local Life in the Slow Lane A Day in Boulder City By J. Tyge O’Donnell A s the Gershwin song goes, it’s “summer! time and the livin’ is easy” and this doesn’t Heading into Boulder City from Las Vegas (be sure to ring more true than in Boulder City, the quaint pay attention to the speed limits) hang a left at the little town 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Taco Bell onto Yucca Street and BOOM! you’re at the Created in 1931 to house the workers building the Hoover Dam (then known as Boulder Dam), this tiny town of 15,000 residents is a welcomed oasis from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Nevada State Railroad Museum where you can take a free (but donations accepted) self!guided tour among restored diesel locomotives and boxcars, most of which are housed under the shade of the pavilion. There are tools of the trade on display as well as There’s no gambling or casinos, only a few neon informative videos to watch. Want to really hear the signs, and due to city ordinance you won’t find click and the clack of the railroad ties? On weekends a hotel with more than 35 rooms, but ]ۙH[[]HH[XHوH NL8&\H[X\[[\]H\]H[X[[H\HHۈH HZ[]HYH[Z]\[[XZ\܈[B[]H[[Hو[[H\K[Y Z\ۙ][ۙY[X[X X[܂\x&\HY[\HYۈHܘY YHHZ[”]\[\[\]Y[[ۋ]]8&\›^[ۙH\\HY[X[]]H[Y\[HBX^Kҝ[H MH^\[ۜ\ H܈[[[ L܈Y[˂[[[\ YX\\HYZ]Y܈YKX]YT]\H܈\[\ۜ\[\\\H[Y\ˈ [[Y[X\˜^H[\ٙXX[ۙX܈]]HY