May 2017 Magazine - Page 41

A Step Above 2017 Amanda Rubeli All the world’s a stage, and The Meadows School senior Amanda Rubeli is stepping confidently into the spotlight. Never content to mold herself into what others wish to see, this brave and inspirational young woman chooses to show the world who she truly is and what she wants to become, while encouraging her peers to follow suit. Talented, fearless and determined to make the world a happier place, she’s finding a voice and path all her own, on stage and in life, and for this, Amanda Rubeli is A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.6 Performing Arts/Sports/Awards: • Starring and Supporting Roles in Various Productions, Meadows School Performing Arts, 2014-Present • Technical Crew for Various Productions, Meadows School Performing Arts, 2014-Present • Varsity Cheerleading, 2013-2015 • Academic Achievement Award for Excellence in AP Psychology, Honors Physics, Honors English Literature and Composition, and Honors French Culture through Film, 2016 • Academic Achievement Award for Excellence in Honors French II & III, 2014-2015 • Best Ensemble Performance -The Meadows School, 2015 • Most Valuable Thespian Member -The Meadows School, 2016 • Best Thespian Performance -The Meadows School, 2016 • Superior Rating for Contrasting Monologues -State and Regional Thespian Competitions, 2016 • Perfect Score for Contrasting Monologues -State Thespian Competition, 2016 • Excellent Rating for Contrasting Monologues -International Thespian Competition, 2016 Clubs/Community Service: • Theater Club, 2015-Present; Historian, 2015-2016; President, 2016-2017 • National Honor Society, 2015-2017 • National French Honor Society, Vice President, 2014-2017 • National Thespian Honor Society, 2015-2017 • French Club, 2013-2017 • Swing Dance Club Vice President, 2016-2017 • Women’s Empowerment Club Historian, 2016-2017 • Literary Podcast Club Treasurer/ Historian, 2016-2017 • Mustang Mentor/Mentee Club, 2016-2017 • Student Congress, 2016-2017 • Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada, 2013-2016 • Beyond Limits Ultra Running, 2015-2016 What are your goals and aspirations, for now and the future? I aspire to one day be part of either a Broadway production or an upcoming movie. My goal is to change the world through theatrical per- formance by inspiring others to pursue their passions and by conveying uplifting messages through my acting. I hope to have a positive impact on the world by making people smile every day while doing what I love. What makes you successful? I believe my positivity, confidence, and exuberance have turned me into the successful person I am today. Attacking each day with positivity and enthusiasm creates a construc- tive work environment for myself and those around me, and this allows me to pursue my interests comfortably. Having confidence in myself has allowed me to go far in my chosen profession, and I am especially grateful to those who have helped me achieve this confidence throughout my high school career. May/June 2017 What would you tell your peers about overcoming a poor self image? Being wrapped up with the image of social media can result in confidence issues. Spending hours browsing social media may cause one to compare themselves to other people, and do so in a negative light. A lack of confidence results in a lack of motivation and unhappiness. Young adults must start focusing on how to better themselves as a person and how to love the skin they are in, instead of comparing themselves to others online and around them. Interacting with people who are welcoming, kind and fully accepting of the person you are will boost your spirits and help individuals gain courage and confidence. 41