May 2016 - Page 99

O ne of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in a long time is a line at the end of a radio ad. It goes something like this: “Women, one of the reasons life is amazing.” Every time I hear this it’s like finger nails on a chalkboard. Think about it: women are “one of the reasons life is amazing” like water, or air, or sunlight are reasons life is amazing. We are amazing! You are amazing! Without women, human life wouldn’t even exist on this planet! Maybe I’m being too touchy, but I sure wish the company with this tagline would find a more appealing, less annoying way to promote itself. Okay, now I feel better. This month we celebrate our mothers. For most of my life, Mother’s Day was a time to buy my mother a gift and take her out to dinner. My mom loved flowers, so she loved gifts of roses, beautiful 99