May 2016 - Page 95

POSTURE CORRECTOR: Do this exercise five to ten times, three days a week, and watch your posture improve! Lean against a wall, walk your feet away from the wall, and bend the knees so you are sitting about the height of a bar stool. Press your lower back, shoulders, back of the head, elbows, and backs of the hands against the wall. This alone is tough for some people, so work to perfect feeling “flat” against the wall. Once you can feel all body parts touching the wall, exhale and slide your hands above the head. Inhale to bring the elbows back down towards the ribs. Keep all body parts pressing against the wall throughout the entire exercise. Rachel Tipton is a Fitness Coach currently residing in Pawleys Island, SC. She is a retired dancer with over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry. She uses unorthodox motivation to sculpt the UltraFitLifestyle for her clients, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and mindset. She is passionate about helping people discover and move past their obstacles so they can reach their health and fitness goals. Rachel believes that the right customized fitness program can increase business productivity, improve relationships, and enhance one’s overall lifestyle.  Contact Rachel for: • Skype-cise workouts in the comfort of your own home • One-on-One Coaching  • Personal Training • Group Fitness Classes • Motivational Speaking 95