May 2016 - Page 94

VACUUM BREATHING: Everyone desires toned abs, but you must start with training the deep transverse abdominal muscles for core stability. Work on vacuum breathing every day. Throw in a few while you wait for the coffee to brew, the computer to boot, or the stoplight to turn green. Place your hands on your belly. Inhale and extend your belly outwards into your hands. Exhale sharply and suck in your tummy strongly. You can repeat this exercise anywhere from five to thirty times daily.  DOWN DOG: This is one of the most basic yoga poses. It stretches your hamstrings, lower back, calves, and shoulders all at the same time. You also give your internal organs a massage and reverse blood flow to energize your brain. Breathe in and reach for the sky. Exhale, tuck your chin to your chest, and roll the spine down to the floor. Bend your knees if you need to, and walk your hands forward so that you create an upside down V with your body. Press your heels towards the floor, try to straighten the knees, and press your shoulders towards your thighs. Relax the head. Take five deep breaths, continuing to gently deep en the stretch. Walk your feet to your hands and slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time. Repeat as needed. This is a perfect way to start the day, re-energize mid-day, or calm your mind before bed. You may find this pose challenging at first, but keep working at it and your flexibility will improve.  94 | Eydis Magazine