May 2016 - Page 93

NECK STRETCH: This stretch releases tension in the neck and shoulders. Grab one wrist with the other hand behind your back. Pull the wrist gently so that the elbow sticks out to one side. Tilt your ear towards that elbow. Hold and take a deep breath. On the next breath, gaze up slightly. On the third breath, gaze downwards. Release and repeat to the other side.  SINGLE LEG BEND: Improve your balance and strengthen the muscles supporting the knee and ankle with this exercise. Holding a chair, counter top, or other support at waist level, stand on the leg closest to the support, picking up the other foot. Bend the standing leg and reach the other foot to the front. Straighten and bring the foot back center. Bend the standing leg and reach the other foot behind you. Return center. Imagine that you are a horse on a carousel, moving the spine straight up and down as you move, rather than tilting front and back. Repeat eight to ten times with each leg. 93