May 2016 - Page 75

demonstrating fantastic organizational skills and unparalleled multitasking abilities. So why is there still such a discrepancy? Women are surging in their influence and taking their rightful place as government and corporate leaders, pioneers in the fields of medicine, science, technology, law enforcement, education, and every other career under the sun, often while raising families as well. So why do we still not see equal pay for equal work? The differential speaks volumes about the ongoing sexism here in America, as well as abroad. (And don’t even get me started about the horrific treatment of women in third world countries!) So often in my Constellation healing practice I see the subtle (and sometimes notso-subtle) ways in which misogynistic attitudes are passed down from one generation to another. And what’s even sadder is that it’s not just the men who buy into the old belief systems. All too often women will feel a sense of loyalty to their female family lines, even if history had denied those ancestors their voice. In other words, on an unconscious level, some women may feel they are betraying their family system if they choose to do things Mother  A mother resides at the heart of our core. She nurtured and raised us to be so much more. Even though she didn’t know what life had in store, she gave us whatever we needed, plus lessons galore. Mom is what I now call the “heart of my core”— though her life has now passed, the lessons of love she gave us mean so much more. Now that I see that I am on my own, I’ve been given the chance to use what was shown by our mother so dear, as for her, my loves, she is no longer here. It is up to me now to remain smart and clear. Armed with the wisdom she left us for all of her dears, I can almost hear her say “worry not, my love, there’s nothing to fear.” She may be in heaven now but she’s really still right here. Nestled within my beating heart it’s a love I hold so dear. Yes, it is you, dear mother, I hold so close in my memories year after year. I know now you are the core of my heart of this life I hold dear. I will be with you when the time is right, and I know there is nothing to fear. A mother’s love comes from above but remains at the heart of my core. Now that she is gone, I must carry on for the one that I’ll always adore. With every beat of my heart, she was there from the start, and I’ll miss her forevermore. Gary Stuart 75